EST. 1996

Fresh Face Cosmetic Tattoo

Imagine waking up each day looking girl next door fresh. Cosmetic tattooing can save you time and money. It won't smudge in the heat or wipe off in water. Eyebrows define your expression and add polish to your appearance. In extreme cases eyebrows completely change your appearance.

Cosmetic tattooing/Micro-pigmentation is the process of implanting specialized pigments in the outer layer of skin. Much like tattooing, disposable materials and needles are used.

In micro-pigmentation, pigments are implanted closer to the surface of the skin, and are formulated to fade over time. Allowing clients to rework their makeup as they age and fashion changes. Pigment colours are selected based on each clients skin tone and preferences. Immediately after procedure the pigment will appear too dark, and lighten as the tattoo heals (on average a week). Eyebrows can lighten up to 50% and lips up to 70%

Topical anaesthetics are used during the procedure to ensure it is as painless as possible. Though every individuals pain tolerance varies, the majority find the process very tolerable.

Micro-blading lasts 1 to 3 years. Micro-pigmentation lasts 1 to 5 years. Sun exposure, age of client, colour of pigment used, other skin treatments, etc. are all factors that influence how long permanent makeup will last. Frequency of refresher procedures needed varies from individual to individual based on many factors.

Cleanliness and client care are my top priority. I use only high quality, one time use materials. Each procedure is custom designed for the client.