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Frequently Asked Questions...

***We will slowly be adding some of our frequently asked questions here. If you have any question not posted here please don't hesitate to call us at 780.413.8434.***


“Why does Ritualistics require I pay a deposit?”

  The artists here are subcontractors, meaning that they are self employed. Unfortunately most people don't understand that they don't get paid unless they tattoo. The amount of time spent on drafting the artwork, consultations and ongoing communication is simply a part of that process that is only compensated for when one sits in the chair and gets the ink done.  It is because of this that artists can become frustrated and even burnt out trying to appease clients.
  All too often an artist will spend the necessary time on the artwork, etc., only to have a client bail on them last minute. Reasons are vast; can't afford it, unexpected bill, called into work, illness and on it goes. We have understanding and compassion around many of these situations. However, it doesn't pay the artists bills, again, they do not get paid just because they show up, they must tattoo. To fill the spot on short notice is a very challenging thing to do, that is, in part, why we require a deposit. Even then, however, the deposit rarely covers the "loss" that we endure with these situations. The deposit lets us know that you are serious, and that we won’t be wasting our time drawing something that will never come to fruition.

“Can my deposit be refunded?”

No. 99.99% of the time. We can make exceptions for extreme circumstances (moving out of province, death in the family) as long as no artwork has begun.

“How can I pay for my deposit?”

Ritualistics accepts cash and debit only. If you’re from out of town, we also accept E-transfer.  All e-transfers should be sent to noni_ritualistics@hotmail.com with the password “Tattoo”. 


"Do you tattoo minors? Even with parental consent?"

We do not tattoo under 18. Over the years we have seen far too many people end up regretting what they do when they are younger. We feel tattoo's are an expression of one’s self and we don't really know ourselves until later years in life, we think we do, but the fact is that we really don't .Because tattoo's are there for life we feel that the time and effort we put into researching not only what we want, but the artist that will help us take what is on the inside and express it outwardly is well worth the effort. After all what's a few years compared to the next 50 or 60?

We hope that you and the others can take this into consideration and take your time in the decision to adorn your body, and can understand why our studio has made this decision. We truly care much more about you than the money you may pay us for something that you may possibly regret.


"What is your minimum age for a piercing?"

We go by maturity of the individual rather than a set age, that is, of course, there is consent of the parents. We want to be sure that the client can take the responsibility of the "care" of the piercing for the duration of the healing period. The end result depends upon how well the piercing is taken care of, and some piercings can have a healing period of up to one year. We are very thorough with the aftercare knowledge we share. It is our hopes that our clients honor and respect their body as we do.  It is a commitment, and one that requires the correct information to make a responsible decision. 

There are also certain summer activities such as swimming or camping that do not mesh with the healing of a piercing. If this is something he or she like to do, it would be suggested that you wait until the end of the summer to get the piercing. 

Please keep in mind that an appointment is a must.

"What age do you have to be to get nipple piercings?"

Getting your nipples pierced has more to do with legalities and age, but also the development of your anatomy. If they are pierced before they are fully developed, there is a very high risk of rejection. Meaning your body literally pushes the jewelry out, leaving you with possibly a deformed nipple. One who has had a very active with the `play’ of nipples or one who has a baby young will speed up the development. 

Everyone is different, so there are no `hard rules’ to follow, but a consultation is advised if you are under 25 just to be sure that you are not setting yourself up for regret. The legal age is 18, however, as explained; it may not be in your best interest to get them done quite so soon after turning 18.

Anyone willing to pierce your nipples under such age, please strongly consider their knowledge and motive. Your body is, after all, the only ``TEMPLE`` you have for this life time and should be treated with honor and respect!

We hope this answers your question. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call. 780-413-8434 

"Horizontal tongue piercings?"

I think horizontal tongue piercings are a very bad idea as it pertains to the health of your teeth. Not to mention the high risk of rejection. We are not comfortable making money at the risk of your well being.

We would really encourage you to reconsider this idea and that you make some wise and safe choices for your body. If you would like further information on this, please call the studio and ask for Noni. She will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.